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SPELADD are excited to launch our new range of items for sale.  
Please fill out the form below to order. An invoice including postage will then be emailed to you.
Kinderific Left Handed Scissors.JPG

Left Handed Scissors

Left-handed stainless steel children’s scissor.

Soft-grip handles, blunted tips.

Made with anti-microbial materials.

$5.70 each

Hand2mind Wooden Cuisenaire Rods.JPG

Wooden Cuisenarie Rods

Designed to improve maths skills, this rod set helps children to progress from concrete to abstract maths.

Sets include 74 wooden Cuisenaire Rods and organising trays; rod lengths range from 1cm to 10cm.

More details available from


Noise Cancelling Headphones.JPG

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Helps reduce unwanted ambient noise and sounds




Auditory reading phone recommended for 4+ to improve reading, articulation and pronunciation.

For more information see


Autistic non-verbal safety kit.JPG

Autistc Non-verbal Safety Kit

Please ask for more information.


Ticonderoga Neon Pencils.JPG

Neon Pencils

Neon coloured pencils, with matching erasers (latex-free).

Glow under black light.


PMA certified non-toxic.

5 colours available

$1.00 each or $12.00 for 10


Elastic Bands

Designed to fit onto chairs or table legs, these heavy-duty elastic bands allow for movement without moving around.

Improve focus, relieve anxiety, stress, frustration and boredom.

Fit to chair or table legs (33cm - 43cm apart).

Available in blue.

For more information see



Fidget Toys

21 different fidget toys designed to reduce anxiety and stress, while increasing focus and attention.

Useful for ADHD, ADD, autism and OCD.

Excellent for travelling.

$3 per item


Chewing Necklaces

Pack of 4 textured brick design necklaces and a pencil topper.

Helps to regulate behaviour for those with sensory processing issues.

Adjustable cord with breakaway safety clasp.

100% non-toxic, FDA compliant food grade silicone. Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates and petroleum.
Dishwasher safe.

For more information see


The Spelling Detective front cover 2022.png

Book: 'The Spelling Detective'

Written to help learners learn to spell. The book contains 22 pages of helpful advice, tips, and tasks.

$8 + postage


Pencil Grips

Silicone pencil grips designed to correctly position fingers when writing.

Firmly fixes to different writing and drawing tools.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Not easily damaged or deformed.

Fits all finder sizes.

$3.00 each or $24.00 for bag of 10


Adjustable Compression Vest

Compression vests are designed for autistic and sensory processing disorders.

The vest works by applying pressure to the body (shoulders, chest and stomach), feeling like a supportive hug, this reduces anxiety by lowering heart rates and calming breathing.

Adjustable to fit where you need it.


Quility Jumbo Therapy swing.JPG

Therapy Swing

Ideal for sensory integration as the swaddling effect blocks unnecessary sensory disturbances.

The swing strengthens head, neck and core muscles while teaching the brain and body to work together.

Holds up to 74kg.

Light blue colour.

For indoor and outdoor use.


spell it yourself!.jpg

Book: 'Spell it yourself!'

A guide to spelling over 7,500 words.

Learn how to add endings, form derived and compound words.

Allows children and those with learning differences to independently locate and spell words.

for more information see


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