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Feedback from the 2019 Seminar

Thanks so much, I learnt a massive amount that will make a difference to my practice and has given me a better understanding of the challenges ...people face.    

Very helpful in understanding the learning disabilities of my own children.

I found it an invaluable extension on my own training that will help me work with children with learning difficulties. I think this training should be included in all university teacher training.

I like the way we have learnt about the functioning of the brain and it has given me a better understanding of learning disabilities ....and also learnt about the importance of diet and sleep in a child's life. I am amazed that these lessons are not given to teachers that are learning at the college of education because it would give a teacher clarity about learning disabilities and how to address it a classroom as a teacher.  

A huge thank you Jess for an amazing and informative 3 days. You were so flexible with your delivery and responsive. We need to clone you and have your expertise throughout our schools.  


To be held over zoom - To register interest text your name and email to 0211625206


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