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Publication - the puzzling children

Is your child's learning or behaviour puzzling you, or have you a student in your class whose learning profile is a puzzle? Maybe they're good at reading but the spelling, story writing and handwriting are poor. Or can they do mechanical mathematics, but find problem solving difficult? Then there's the student who has no friends because they lack social skills or the student who is disorganized and forgetful of everyday things including pens and homework.


In our 72 page book we list many of the numerous areas in which students may have difficulties and then give strategies which may help.


This book has been written for New Zealand classroom teachers so they will be able to assist and identify many of the 10% of students who have a hidden handicap. This book is also of help to parents.


Format: Letter-size, easy-to-print PDF (or) A4 size, printed with spiral binding.


Pages: 72.


Price: $25 plus postage

What you'll read:

  • What dyslexia is and what it isn't?

  • Common myths about dyslexia

  • How to cope with dyslexia in New Zealand

  • What should be done to overcome dyslexia?

  • What is ADHD and do you have it?

  • How to get help with tutoring and assessments

Contents of book

  • The Situation

  • How, Why And When To Use This Book

  • What Are The Warning Signs Of SLD?

  • Learning Difficulties - Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

  • You Can Make A Difference

  • Student Information Check-list

  • Explicit Effective Teaching

  • McCormick's Guidelines for Effective Teaching

  • Identification (I) and Strategies (S)

  • Typical Reading Mistakes (I)

  • Inefficient Reading Habits (I)

  • Inadequate Visual Perception and Processing (I)

  • Reading

  • Inadequate Auditory Perception and Processing (I)

  • Inadequate Auditory Perception and Processing (S)

  • Inadequate Written or Spoken Language (I)

  • Inadequate Written or Spoken Language (S)

  • Typical Spelling Mistakes

  • Spelling

  • Spelling Programme

  • The Effect of SLD on Mathematics

  • Mathematics

  • Teaching Students With Poor Maths Skills

  • Poor Memory

  • Memory

  • Lack of Organisational and Planning Skills (S)

  • Poor Motor Skills (The Clumsy Child) (I)

  • Motor Skills

  • Handwriting

  • Inadequate Social Skills Leads To Poor Self-Esteem

  • Inadequate Social Skills (I)

  • Developing Adequate Social Skills and Improving Self-Esteem

  • Behaviours Often Seen In Anxious Children

  • Signs of Depression

  • Explanation of ADD/ADHD

  • Check-list for Identification of ADD (with Hyperactivity) and ADD (without Hyperactivity)

  • ADHD

  • ADAPT - Accommodations Help Students with Attention Deficit Disorders

  • Glossary of Terms for Teachers and Parents

  • Bibliography and Recommended Reading

  • Suggested Tools

  • DVD Videos Available at SPELADD NZ Inc. Office

The Spelling Detective front cover 2022.png

'The Spelling Detective'

The book has been written to help learners learn to spell. It contains 22 pages of helpful advice, tips and tasks.

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