The Scribbler and the Headboy

One year after taking seminars for SPELADD, a mother, who had attended because of her younger son, asked if I could help her older son. He was in year 10 at high school doing mostly year 11 work. However, his science teacher told him he could not mark some of his work because he could not read it!

So for one term I took this teenager for handwriting. His delighted mother wrote and thanked me as his teacher was now able to read her son’s writing. What helped was the son’s determination to improve and the fact that he did the homework practice I gave him every week.

Two children – a girl and a boy – were both extremely good with auditory memory but had visual memory problems. They both slowly learned to read but had great difficulty with spelling. I remember the girl disliked using the computer! The boy was a great talker. At high school he was made head boy.

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