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Lifelong Learning

About a year ago, a voice behind me called out, “Hello Mrs Manson”, but I didn’t recognise the caller. After all it was probably over twenty five years since I had last seen him. He was a fifteen year old when we first met. He “sparkled” despite the fact of being highly dyslexic. Luckily he had very good auditory skills and spoke well.

I was his reader/writer for his school certificate exams. We missed by a few marks the first time but succeeded the second time. In those days no practise was given. Using a reader/writer is quite a skill and certainly needs practising. However, this young gentleman was quite a natural at giving dictation and I believe we both enjoyed the process. I hope the marker of his English essay enjoyed my attempt at spelling “Tutankhamun”.

About fifteen years later he rang up asking if I could give him some “brush up” lessons.

At our last meeting he told me that after many years in Kiwi Rail he had become the union representative.

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