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Different Study Skills

A friend’s daughter was to begin her University Entrance year. Her main problem was poor studying skills and organising her time to get work handed in on time.

Luckily there was a good book in our substantial library which helped me (not a good studier myself) help her.

During the last school holidays before her exams, she went skiing, fell and broke her thumb on her writing hand. Luckily, she was up to date with her all her work. One large assignment was completed in rough copy and was accepted in that state. Big sighs all round as she was granted her U.E.

Some families have more than one child needing help. One family had two boys with totally different problems, one was good at remembering visual shapes but not what he heard, while the other had poor visual skills but was very able at remembering what was said.

One mother we knew very well because we had helped three of her children, rang to request help, saying he is my youngest child, it’s his turn now.

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